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Dear Students, Goodbye-

Dear Students, Goodbye-

Students, This Sucks-

I know that you haven’t heard from me in a few weeks- I apologize. That was never my intention. Let me start by saying that I did not just “quit and walk out.” I had no choice. I either kept teaching you rubbish, or I had to resign. I made the only rational choice I could. Yet walking away was the hardest thing I could do. I wanted to say goodbye to y’all, but the establishment wouldn’t let me.

“Instead of acting as professionals, they turned around and lied to you about me.” 

“Instead of acting as professionals, they turned around and lied to you about me.” #UpperManagementLies #TrustTheProfessionals #ComePrepared

I wrote this letter to you, Students before I knew what kind of situation I was going to face. You can thank my time as a Boy Scout Of America for that- 

“Always Be Prepared.”

BoA may be morally and ethically fucked- their financial issues the least of their worries- but I will stand by those words for the rest of my life. It is what helped me get this far in life. It would be wise of you to remember them for yourself. 

Below is my letter to you. I wanted to give these to you before I left, but wasn’t allowed. I still plan on mailing the letters- would you reach out so that I could? I’ve always had y’all in mind with every decision I made as your teacher, Students. When I wrote the letter up; when I edited and selected the paper; when I printed it off and got it ready for hand delivery- As any good teacher would agree. It’s always been about you, Students. 

“A Mistake Is Only A Mistake If You Don’t Learn From It.”

Dear Students, Goodbye-

 This is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make as an adult.

I started this for you- not you specifically- but your energy and positive vibrations reached out in time and space and found me. I answered- all I ever want is your personal growth and success. You are all individually incredible and have beautiful souls. Don’t let the world or anyone in the world tell you otherwise.

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I am a passionate and driven person looking for purpose and fulfillment in life- I found that in you, Students. When I first discovered the job opening, I was a ski bum in the mountains nearly two hours away from you. I had a high paying job and hours that I could create. My friends and social life all revolved around the mountains, nature, and enjoying life. I’m highly active, and I don’t sit down or stop moving often.  Winter is the season to work at a ski resort. I gave that all up late Fall 2019.

I did that because of you, Students. I gave all that up for you, gladly. Every one of you has worth and value, and if my time with you only helped a single student- it was worth it. I know a generic letter printed on some (sweet ass) paper from your short term teacher may not mean much- but you have meant everything to me. 

 When I got this job, Upper-Management knew I didn’t have my teacher’s certificate- but they hired me anyway. I accepted the position believing that I would have time and guidance to learn how to teach. That never happened. Instead, in 2 weeks, rather than two months, I was thrown to the wolves.

 Yes- those wolves are you. If you think anyone of you isn’t as fucking fierce in my mind as a wolf- then you have a false narrative of yourself. Don’t worry, wolves are cunning and determined- and survive. I see you for what you can be, not what you have to be. I tried to help y’all see it too and get you on the road for self-development. The establishment worked against me every step of the way. No matter what I tried.

 If I have one lesson left to teach you- even if it’s not in the “curriculum”- is that you should believe in yourselves no matter what. Don’t let the world or anyone in it disrespect you. You are all incredible, and I would go through everything again for all our paths to have crossed. Remember that- the world will look down and suppress your greatness. Don’t let them.

 If you ever need help finding your way in this confusing world, or you need a listening ear, or you want a buddy to help push your minds as far as you possibly can- then reach out to me. I genuinely hope that we can stay in contact, Students. You have been everything these past few difficult months.

Believe in yourselves and don’t wait for the world to give you opportunities,

“Fortune favors the bold.”

Be Bold. I know you already all are.

Law Matheson

Students, I understand if you have more questions- I do too. However, what I will say is that I will keep asking and seeking. 

My first tattoo is my life motto:  

Dream. Search. Discover.

I think there is a lesson in that for everyone to learn. To me, that means I let my dreams go wild and plentiful. But I have to pursue them, otherwise what is the point? The thing about searching is that what you discover isn’t always what you thought. But you know what? It leads to more dreams if you let it, and those dreams will need seeking…

I don’t have all the answers, please don’t expect me too. But expect me to keep asking. Asking why. Asking how. Asking deep, prodding, and philosophical questions of anyone and everyone.

~More To Come~

PS: (Fun Little Fact- PS stands for “Postscript,” and it denotes anything that comes after the script. ‘Post’ (after) and ‘Script’ (writing), which comes from Latin- ‘post scriptum’ meaning, ‘Written After.’ It used to be, before digital communication, to talk to a friend or family member over long distances, you would have to write a letter out by hand. Once you were satisfied it was finished, and the ink was dry, it would get sealed up, and then hand-delivered to the Post Office. The Post Office hasn’t always gone door to door! Sometimes long travels to the nearest Post Office would leave you with ‘an Afterthought’ or ‘Postscript.’ Now you know a little more about the history of ancient and outdated societies. Yay!)

Never forget Students, I am here for you. If you have any problems, concerns, conundrums, I shared something I shouldn’t have, or I mislead other readers in my blog- Please Let Me Know. I’m here for you. 

Law Matheson


  1. Well written but it is sad and unfortunate that it was necessary have to write this in the first place. If the administration of this institution appreciated your hard work and dedication, you wouldn’t have needed and been forced to make such a difficult but necessary decision. I personally saw the “curriculum” which was actually a very incomplete and poorly written lesson plan. You took that information and developed a complete, accurate, and concise lesson plan that any true educator would have welcomed with open arms and greatly appreciated. The people at this institution are not real educators because what happened to you would never have occurred if they were. I feel bad for the disservice they are providing to the students that go through their programs and courses of study. Hopefully this article will help to make a difference and promote positive change as that institution desperately needs it.

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