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Welcome To Renaissance Rising | Law Matheson introduced in the space of a Tweet | General Expectations | 11 Blog Posts Schedule

Welcome To Renaissance Rising | Law Matheson introduced in the space of a Tweet | General Expectations | 11 Blog Posts Schedule

An overwhelming Title- I’m aware, there is just so much to cover in as little time as possible – Covid-19 is bad right now

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has been incredible for my online presence- but it just feels wrong to be excited about something as scary as what is going on currently. I guess it is like from the movie Zombieland, “Rule #32 learn to enjoy the little things.”

In my last Blog Post- my first ever Post- I said goodbye to my former students. I know, a little backward- but honestly life since February has been backward for me. Two deaths of my loved ones; Two funerals in 2 other states; topped with being forced to resign from my teaching job because I refused to teach their bullshit homemade crack curriculum to my students. That was just in my personal life. February sucked across the board for everyone- 2020 blows so far y’all.

I never got to say goodbye to my Students. Instead, my old employers lied to my adult students and said that I “quit and just walked away.”

This job preached professionalism- they knew that I didn’t have my masters in education yet. I accepted the position with this shared understanding. Just like a preacher, though, they prayed on my weaknesses and used me till they got what they needed from me. Burn notice style.

Little did they know that when they spat me out for dead, I would rise from the ashes like a mother fucking phoenix.

Let me take a minute to introduce who I am. For the sake of time, I have limited myself to 280 characters (the new amount allowed by Twitter). I will delve into a more in-depth introduction later; I fear with the Covid-19 Pandemic that we face as a globe- I may not have the time I had always wanted. 

“Law Matheson – Lover of many hobbies – Avid researcher in a time of abundant fake news – Amateur historian recording current conditions worldwide while examining the history of the situation that led us here.” 

(208 characters – nailed it!)

There you have a teaser Tweet of who I am in a mysterious nutshell. I didn’t plan it that way- just how the nut fell, I guess.

Moving right along- we do not have as much time as I had hoped initially. I know that is likely to sound urgent, a touch drastic, and maybe more than a little unnecessary. I do not mean to sound like an alarmist- I just have a lot I would like to cover in an unknown amount of time. 

I want to spend longer introducing myself- but now does not seem like the appropriate time. 

For now, what I will say is just a few weeks ago, I was a teacher with 20+ students. I loved teaching. I loved the fulfillment it gave me. I was learning and growing daily, but it was all worth it—even the most difficult days. 

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my employers gave me no choice but to resign. When they didn’t let me say goodbye to my Students, they lied to them- “I just quit and walked away,” They said. I’m a social justice warrior if nothing else- and they made sure to give me a just cause to fight.

I never wanted to give up teaching. It was new to me, but I was instantly passionate about it from day one. I knew I had to resign, though, a few weeks back as soon as a meeting with Upper-Management began. The meeting was supposed to be for us to have an open dialogue and better communicate. 

Upper-Management doesn’t know how to communicate correctly. I’m just saying it as it is.

Since March 3rd, 2020, when I resigned from my job as an Academic Teacher, I have been trying to facilitate a collaborative of growth and learning. A collective of individuals committed to daily and weekly growth. Brave souls that wouldn’t mind taking some readers along with them. 

It has been my longtime belief that given the opportunity, humans love to progress and develop. I hope that with a collective of like-minded souls, we could go back to ALL the basics and re-evaluate everything we know or thought we knew about life and existence- from new lenses. 

As a collective- one of researchers and readers.

It would be a Renaissance. A Renaissance of knowledge and how we synthesize (verb- combine into a coherent whole) that knowledge. In many senses, it would be a ‘rising,’ intentional growth by reexamination. 

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Renaissance Rising aptly fits. 

RenRising is a Modern approach to classical disciplines.

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(This has been a name that I have tossed around and worked with for months– fine-tuning it to the name it has now- yet somehow three weeks before I made the plunge and went to buy domain rights- someone else snagged renaissance rising dot com. That is highly unfortunate, but I purchased RenRising.com- my thought is, “ren” is easier and faster than typing out “renaissance”- so really, #Winning. ;)- 

RenRising.com is collaborative. A collection of academic and scholarly minded individuals coming together to research and re-exam the very reality around us.

More on RenRising will be coming in the next blog- for now, I will get into my corner of the blog site:

Law Matheson: Amateur Historian

My background is in religion and history, with philosophical overtones glazed on top. I love to study old texts and traditions from new eyes. 

I ask a lot of questions.

If your brain works like mine- you will appreciate the “Lesson Outlines” that I include with all of my research blog posts. The reasons are two-fold. Fold 1) It helps me to organize my thoughts so that I might quickly look over all that I learned. Fold 2) Having “Lesson Outlines” makes passing on knowledge that I have gained that much easier. What’s the point of learning if you aren’t going to follow up and teach the knowledge to someone else?!

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Preach it, Maya Angelou!

I put off this blog site for as long as I did because I always got caught up in- life. I was never not busy. Then when I did have a free moment- I didn’t know what to focus on to write.

This quarantine has been the answer to both. I now have time to study and write- and I have something vital to research and write about. It’s a match made in some fucked up twisted reality- but it’s the fucked up twisty reality lemons that I’ve reaped, so… bottoms up to fucked up twisted reality lemonade!

What started as a single blog about Covid-19, turned into a full-blown thesis on aspects surrounding the virus. Alright, not a ‘thesis’ (noun- an extended essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a college degree), but it turned out to be damned long—a 7 Part Blog Series kinda long (broken up by a funny April Fools Day Post). A Total of 12 Blogs Posts in 11 Days! 


It was daunting and a little overwhelming. You can ask my partner- I was willing to give up at one point. However, as an individual that loves history, loves to write, and equally loves humanity- I feel it is my obligation to research and record my findings. Doing so to pass the knowledge onto you Fellow Students and Future Fellow Students (I hope the future is pleasant- is it pleasant Future Fellow Students? Or does it suck still then too- don’t tell me if it sucks, lie to me please).

I have laid out the remaining 12 Blogs in the 11 Day Schedule below. I am starting first with a blog post about RenRising (A real introduction to the collective) before moving onto the 7 Part Covid-19 360* Series. Of course, this is the plan at the time of this writing. So much is changing so fast that I can’t promise that things will work out as planned, however. So is life. 

Now is a perfect time to say this:

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NOTE: This is an evolving and changing site. Things are likely not going to stay long the way you see them now. That is because RenRising is always growing and developing. What started as one man’s dream has quickly grown into something much more. That’s exciting! That said- as research and counter research happens, some of the articles will be re-evaluated, even after publication. RenRising understands that our Readers want to trust the authenticity of our facts and trust what we report without having to double-check everything. That’s why we are not afraid to admit when we misinformed Readers, especially when accidentally. We never mean for that to happen- however it will.

“A Mistake Is Only A Mistake If You Don’t Learn From It.”


Or how about this one by the famous Henry Ford.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

Henry Ford

That has been a guiding principle in my life personally. Transitioning from teenager to adult- I couldn’t move forward until I came to terms with it. Once I did- it was freeing! Please forgive any errors we may make (especially in our early days), but also please politely and respectfully inform us where we have made mistakes, and we will gladly look into it. How else are we going to get better?!

That is very likely not the last time you will hear me say that.

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice, nor has it been evaluated by the scientific community; the following article is my findings on studying Covid-19 via the Internet.)

Blog Post Schedule –

12 Blog Post, 11 Days, Multiple Topics, 1 Blog Site – 

What To Expect:

Blog 3: Renaissance Rising | A Community Committed To Helping Facilitate A Revolutionary New Wave Of Human Consciousness 
Blog 4: Law Matheson, Amateur Historian Reporting | Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – Overview & Basics (Part 1 of 7)
Blog 5: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 | Former Director of the CDC, Dr. Frieden’s Warning | The Current Global Impact Of Covid-19 (Part 2 of 7)
Blog 6: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – A Personal Look Quarantine DAY 0- DAY 11- It All Begins, March 16th – 27th, 2020 | Self-Quarantining & Social Distancing Are Suggested (Part 3 of 7)
Blog 7: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – How To Care For Yourself & Loved Ones With Covid-19 (Part 4 of 7)
Blog 8: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – What We Can Learn from Native Americans and Past Pandemics (Part 5 of 7)
Blog 9: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – Who Is Profiting The Most Right Now| History Repeats Itself (Part 6 of 7)
Blog 11: Covid-19 360 Degrees: Examining The Many Layers of the New Coronavirus – Series Wrap Up What’s The Take-Away (Part 7 of 7)
Blog 12: A Personal Look: UPDATE March 28th- April 2nd, 2020 What The World Is Like Now 

For now, we will leave things there. We will go over much and more in just a short time. Till then, let’s call it a day and come back fresh tomorrow. Much to research, little time to record.

I look forward to learning and growing together on this journey in the next levels of human consciousness.

Till Next Time Students,

Law Matheson

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