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Chloroquine & Bayer: Angels or Demons | History Repeats Itself? (Covid-19 Part 6 of 7)


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(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice or scientific fact; the following article is simply my personal findings on studying Covid-19 via the internet. The following article is not intended for anything more than a personal opinion piece.)

History repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done.

Sydney J. Harris

Bayer - Angels, or Demons? Bayer has nasty ties with Auschwitz, something it can never erase from its past.
Bayer was part of the criminally charged conglomerate IG Faben. While the conglomerate was found guilty for wartime crimes in World War II and disbanded; Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst were exempt from any criminal allegations and continued on as mega-companies, two of which, to this day.

No one wants

to be the individual that has to get their hands dirty and ask shitty questions- but if the gloves have fallen on my hands- I’ll clean up.

Let me explain.

In times of peril, lots of research is spent on the current global economic condition- only evaluating the past when necessary to keep up with the quickly changing circumstances of the day. 

That is incredibly important. 

However, information will always slip through the cracks unless we have a variety of opinionated reporters and journalists on the scene. After all- there is no such thing as a completely unbiased historian.

I am a self-taught amateur historian. 

That allows me some freedom while investigating the past. Professional Historians have a responsibility to carry the legacy of recording events as is the most beneficial to future scholars.

I do not have that same obligation.

Instead, while all other historians and reporters are reasonably turning their attention in one direction- I can intentionally turn my attention the other way to get a complete view of current (and past) circumstances, passing that on in history.

Will There Be Errors?

You can bet your last buck there will be. Do I plan on it? Hell no.

I am not above admitting when I am wrong and correcting the mistake when I need to, however.

It would be unreasonable not to expect any- I am sometimes researching for these blog posts the same day I write, edit, format, and post them!

Rest assured- as more time goes on, and more information comes in- all articles can be re-evaluated after the fact.


-What Stocks Are Doing Well Currently?
-Chloroquine- What Do We Know?
-The Dark History Of Bayer

All of my blog posts

go much longer than anticipated.

Ask anyone I have ever smoked weed with- I’ll always talk longer than expected.

When I outlined this series- I was optimistic about how much information I could convey in as little space as possible.

I’m a wordy mother-fucker.

I don’t mean to be- hot damn, though, am I.

I also opened a can of worms with this blog specifically. Originally it was titled: “BLOG 9: COVID-19 360 DEGREES: EXAMINING THE MANY LAYERS OF THE NEW CORONAVIRUS – WHO IS PROFITING THE MOST RIGHT NOW| HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF (PART 6 OF 7)”

In my research, I discovered a lot of dark information about some longtime beloved family favorite brands. It was alarming enough to change my scope of studies.

I may have altered this blog post to better incorporate the global crisis- but I will go back and research further some of the information I don’t have time to cover here.

The good news is- we are in quarantine, and I don’t have anything better to do than research…

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To contextualize the current situation- I will quickly go over…

What Stocks Are Doing Well Currently?

Do not get hung up on this,

We will talk about Stocks and their impact in history in a later blog. For now we will cover just the bare bones and come back to this for reference of this time in history.

A stock is a type of investment that represents an ownership share in a company. Investors buy stocks that they think will go up in value over time.


We will come back to this in a later blog-

for now, these were the projected Stocks to buy for 2020 as of January, 3rd. According to The Motley Fool, by Anand Chokkavelu

Now, onto the 20 stock ideas. Here’s the entire list, followed by the summary buy thesis for each one.

  1. The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (NYSEMKT:VTI)
  2. The Vanguard Total International Stock ETF (NASDAQ:VXUS)
  3. Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN)
  5. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)
  6. Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG)
  7. Axon Enterprises (NASDAQ:AAXN)
  8. AT&T (NYSE:T)
  9. Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ)
  10. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)
  11. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)
  13. TerraForm Power (NASDAQ:TERP)
  14. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (NYSE:BIP)
  15. CareTrust REIT (NASDAQ:CTRE)
  16. iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT)
  17. lululemon athletica (NASDAQ:LULU)
  18. Wayfair (NYSE:W)
  19. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX)
  20. Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ)

The above 20 stocks

were all projected to do well.

As it turns out during quarantine, the Top 3 goes to-

Johnson & Johnson, FedEx, and Amazon.

1. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) may appear to be a risky buy given all the litigation it’s facing. The company has recently had to deal with lawsuits relating to its vaginal mesh products in Australia, opioids (in multiple states), and its talc baby powder products,  which are perhaps its most high-profile problem. Its ongoing legal battles are far from over.

2. FedEx

FedEx (NYSE:FDX) is another stock that could be an attractive buy during this crash. Like Johnson & Johnson, it’s a dividend stock, and although it hasn’t raised its payouts in more than a year, it does pay $0.65 every quarter, representing a 2.6% yield per year. It’s also trading near its 52-week low, and at a forward P/E of less than 10, it’s looking cheaper by the day.

3. Amazon

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is a good buy for very similar reasons. It doesn’t pay a dividend, but the tech stock is near its 52-week low as well. It still has a high forward P/E of more than 50, but that’s not unusual for the online retailer, which investors typically value highly thanks to its growth. It’s also doing its part to try and help battle the coronavirus, partnering with the Gates Foundation to help deliver test kits in the Seattle area.

There is no more to be said on that for now, but we will come back to it soon with this data as reference.

Bayer’s Chloroquine pills in it’s various forms.

At this point

the general public has heard of chloroquine whether or not they turn on the nightly news.

Yay! We have a Savior!

Or do we?

Before we get too excited at Bayer’s 3 Million Pill Donation, let us first understand that one pill DOES NOT equal one person.

Anti-malaria pills are a treatment. That means you take them in doses for weeks at a time.

U.S. National Library Of Medicine

“How should this medicine be used?

Chloroquine phosphate comes as a tablet to take by mouth. For prevention of malaria in adults, one dose is usually taken once a week on exactly the same day of the week. Your doctor will tell you how many tablets to take for each dose. One dose is taken beginning 2 weeks before traveling to an area where malaria is common, while you are in the area, and then for 8 weeks after you return from the area. If you are unable to start 2 weeks before traveling, your doctor may tell you to take double the dose right away.

For treatment of acute attacks of malaria in adults, one dose is usually taken right away, followed by half the dose 6 to 8 hours later and then half the dose once a day for the next 2 days.

For prevention and treatment of malaria in infants and children, the amount of chloroquine phosphate is based on the child’s weight. Your doctor will calculate this amount and tell you how much chloroquine phosphate your child should receive.

For treatment of amebiasis, one dose is usually taken for 2 days and then half the dose every day for 2 to 3 weeks. It is usually taken in combination with other amebicides.

Chloroquine phosphate may cause an upset stomach. Take chloroquine phosphate with food.

Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand. Use chloroquine phosphate exactly as directed. Do not use more or less of it or use it more often than prescribed by your doctor.” U.S. National Library Of Medicine

I am not great with math-

besides, I do not know how accurate the numbers would come out- so I will skip estimating how many people could even possibly hope to receive a full treatment.

After what I learned about Chloroquine, Bayer, and the ‘Pharmaceutical’ companies history- I do not think that I will be taking any anti-malaria pills anytime soon.

Chloroquine- What Do We Know?

It is an Anti-malaria drug that has been in circulation since the 1940’s-

It has some serious side effects:

What side effects can this medication cause?
Side effects from chloroquine phosphate can occur. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:
  • headache
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhea
  • upset stomach
  • stomach pain
  • skin rash or itching
  • hair loss
  • mood or mental changes
If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
  • seeing light flashes and streaks
  • blurred vision
  • reading or seeing difficulties (words disappear, seeing half an object, misty or foggy vision)
  • difficulty hearing
  • ringing in ears
  • muscle weakness
  • drowsiness
  • vomiting
  • irregular heartbeats
  • convulsions
  • difficulty breathing

If you experience a serious side effect, you or your doctor may send a report to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online (http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch) or by phone (1-800-332-1088).

It also does not have any supporting evidence that it DOES help fight COVID-19 effectively!

It is very strange to me. If you have COVID-19 or if you try and prevent having it- the possible effects are the same?

As I have explained- I err on the side of paranoid.

I dug in.

Chloroquine led me to Bayer.

That led me down even darker roads and many more future blog posts.

For now let us look at this unfortunate part of history.

The Dark History Of Bayer

Bayer from their point of view-

This one reminds me of the Resident Evil trailer I saw for the zombie movie back in 2006. “Trust us- we are scientists.”

Bayer yearns to be praised as philanthropists;

all memories of the infamous IG Faben- complicit horrific Holocaust Crimes- misguided Monsanto merger- or Round-Up lawsuits (not to mention all the truly terrible acts the company has personally committed or otherwise funded) forgotten.

Yes, Bayer- that great yellow labeled company. Yea, that one. It is the reason your great grandmother died in the Holocaust, Bayer, BASF, Hoestch (later Aventis), and others created perfect killing gas used in concentration camps across Europe.

After hearing about Bayer, I flipped back in some journals of mine that I have kept despite several moves across the country. Back in 2016, I started looking into Major Companies and their stock holders- compiling a list of who owns what. It wasn’t comprehensive by any means, but it led me down a couple of paths. 

Those paths remained open in front of me, but unexplored for years.

Until I decided to change my studies of Covid-19 from what causes the disease- to who is profiting from the disease.

I can feel a collaboratively held breath.
What I am saying has profound implications and grave accusations.
Hear me out.

Bayer has a history that feels as if it’s an excerpt from your favorite childhood porn story arch. Somewhat poorly thought through timeline, mixed with just enough individuals getting fucked in new ways to keep the senses alert.

Bayer and BASF have survived worse than Covid-19.

Together these groups created the evil conglomerate IG Faben (Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG (German for ”Dye industry syndicate corporation”) in 1925. The 6 companies (Bayer, BASF, Hoestch, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm) formed as one in 1925. By 1926 they had more assets than all the other German chemical companies combined at the time.

1926-1952 were some dark years.
Dark and difficult days for the whole world.

Even more so for the victims of Josef Mengele- the doctor that oversaw countless inhuman scientific experiments on twins, animals, the sick, and the healthy. They would purposely infect someone with a disease to see if they could cure it. Splicing off a twin baby’s arm and surgically attaching an animal limb- studying both twins to see differences. 

They were torturing and depriving human beings in the name of science.

Some will argue we learned innumerable facts from this time.

Most will be sickened to learn that we had to come to this knowledge through so much bloodshed and gore.

1952 saw the dissemination of the once-powerful conglomerate, IG Farben. Three companies emerged relatively unscathed by the hangings and executions for the war atrocities committed in WWII, however. You guessed it- Bayer, BASF, and Hoestch.

Bayer has had a rocky history- more sordid than Hoestch, and that one was fraught with turmoil- but things grew very bad for the company when it tried to merge with Monsanto. Major Stockholders were not thrilled with this decision- the merger went forward anyway.

Stocks dropped to their knees- much like many Boy Scouts were forced to do for their Scout Masters before the Boy Scouts of America got as royally fucked as they are currently. Like- that kinda bad.

The world is fucked. Things are getting crazier and crazier. Massive explosions are witnessed in space, Utah gets hit with a massive earthquake, and in the midst of all this, Vanessa Hudgens finds time to fuck her career. It’s crazy and fantastic (the wealthy and famous are nuts y’all).

Recent Timeline Of Events (2018-Now)

  • Monsanto and Bayer merge-
  • Bayer stocks plummet-
  • Dr. Li Wangliang Blows the whistle on Covid-19 but is punished and scorned-
  • Pharmaceutical Stocks flood the market-
  • Dr. Li gets sick, doesn’t receive correct medical treatment, dies at a healthy 34-
  • SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19 global governments continually dismiss signs as epidemic becomes pandemic-
  • Covid-19 goes global- earns title “Chinese Virus”- stigmas arise but help wanes-
  • American government tells us time, and again it’ll be gone soon-
  • Covid-19 kills thousand globally-
  • President Trump and Fox & Friends change tune-
  • Crisis grows worse-
  • Bayer steps in to help humanity with malaria pills- all the while pleading we forget the past Big Brother-style. “1984” By George Orwell has never felt more relevant. Written in 1948, Bayer was still part of IG Faben at that time… damn- time.
  • Bayer merged with Monsanto (against stockholders’ wishes) back in 2017. Yes, still same page, the same Monsanto that has been poisoning the globe with Round-Up for years. A pharmaceutical company and a chemical company coming together to spray satan’s prolapsed anus gland juices all over our farms- ensuring that we are lamb ready for the slaughter.

Facts Best Not Forgotten:

  1. Bayer was implicit in World War II Crimes such as Hitler’s Third Riech
  2. Bayer and BASF were 2 of the chemical companies that comprised the infamous IG Farben conglomerate.
  3. IG Farben was the single biggest donor of Adolf Hitler’s election campaign.
  4. While IG Farben disbanded in 1952, Bayer and BASF escaped like villainous victors-
  5. Bayer merged with Monsanto and it was NOT well received-
  6. Covid-19 grew worse, Bayer stocks entered record low-
  7. Bayer donates 3 million malaria tablets  

Still Need Further Evidence For The Dark side of Bayer?

Natural News

Nuremberg Trials: Big Pharma’s Crimes Against Humanity

“Saturday, October 18, 2008 by: Gabriel Donohoe

“In 1925, IG Farben, Interessengemeinschaft Farben, (Association of Common Interests), became a powerful cartel of German chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer (the aspirin manufacturer), BASF, AGFA, and Hoechst (now known as Aventis.) By 1933, the IG Farben group had become the largest chemical and pharmaceutical corporation in the world. And even today, although it doesn’t use the name IG Farben, its companies remain the most powerful transnationals on the planet in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and agro-chemicals.

The IG Farben cartel was crucial to the Nazi war effort by supplying synthetic fuel, rubber, and other chemicals. They also manufactured Zyklon-B, the nerve gas used to kill millions at the concentration camps of Auschwitz, Birkenau and elsewhere. The cartel, later known as the Devil’s Chemists, used unwilling inmates of the concentration camps as slave labourers and guinea pigs to test chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. Tens of thousands died, and those who became too ill to be of any use were murdered in the gas chambers.

IG Farben worked closely with the Nazi regime and the SS and were perhaps the most important dynamic in driving the Nazi war machine, donating some 80 million Reichsmarks in return for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries seized from occupied countries. Yet they could not have gotten to a position of such power without huge investment from John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil Company. Together with Rockefeller they set up a company called Standard IG Farben.” 

Oh god- this just got dark. I thought I was just studying the history of Bayer- but Monsanto, IG Faben, Standard Oil- they are all connected. Fuck.

“Although he knew it would be used for war purposes,

Rockefeller was able to organize a shipment of 500 tons of tetraethyl lead to IG Farben in 1938 which the Luftwaffe needed for aviation fuel. Amazingly, a year later, with war about to break out, he supplied them with up to 20 million dollars of tetraethyl lead which directly enabled Hitler to start the War by attacking Poland and France.

Even as late as 1942 he supplied the Nazis with oil diverted through Switzerland and refuelled German submarines in the Channel Islands. When charged under the “Trading With The Enemy” Act, Rockefeller got away with a ‘slap on the wrist’ (5,000 dollar fine) when President Roosevelt abruptly halted the investigation at the behest of the War Department. (The unpatriotic Rockefeller had threatened to stop supplying the U.S. with crucial supplies of war-time oil.)

On a number of occasions, when orders were given by the Allies to bomb the complex, Rockefeller used his influence through John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War (who was a former legal counselor to IG Farben), to cancel the bombing raids, much to the chagrin of some of the Allied commanders. Furthermore, not one bomb fell on IG Farben’s Headquarters back in Germany, at Frankfurt. Astounding, at a time when German industrial cities were widely bombed and pulverized, including Frankfurt itself.”

It is More and More

abundantly clear that we need a modern Historian- and stat.

There is so much to unpack from that last article. For now- we will bench John D. Rockefeller and come back that suspicious imposture of a philanthropist later.

This is a great place to wrap up.

Today’s post is Part 6 of 7 in the Covid-19 Blog Series.

I will wrap it all up-

After Tomorrow’s April Fool Blog Post.

I hope you join me tomorrow for more lessons Fellow Students! Go ahead and “Like” and “Follow” now so that you can make sure to be first to get notified about ALL brand new content!

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