Home History Class covid-19 Happy 30th Birthday! Your long-awaited trip to Miami Pride is here- April Fools! You get extreme social distancing and extended quarantine instead.

Happy 30th Birthday! Your long-awaited trip to Miami Pride is here- April Fools! You get extreme social distancing and extended quarantine instead.

Happy 30th Birthday! Your long-awaited trip to Miami Pride is here- April Fools! You get extreme social distancing and extended quarantine instead.
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Raging About My (Lost &) Literal Dirty Thirty! It was supposed to just be a thing people said…. Photo by FransA on Pexels.com



there is no good way to recover this birthday.
Maybe I will celebrate 31 this year and come back to 30 next year?


. . .
Can I do that?

Screw it- I’m claiming mulligan.


Happy 31st Birthday to me-

🌈🎉🎊~I’ll try Again for a better Dirty 30 next year!~🎊🎉🌈

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I was homeschooled for high school,
I was born on April Fools,
and I’m gay.

I know- I was destined to be fucked with from the very beginning.

Honestly, it’s not the bullies fault- I’m basically begging for it.

Love is Love, written in rainbow for the pride in us all
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-Survive Quarantine Without Falling For A Prank Birthday Cake
-If I Can’t Go To Miami Pride, I’ll Bring It To Me
-My Take Away From A Life Of “Foolery”

(side bar- I don’t talk about any of those things.)

Just how I expected my Dirty 30- gifts given from afar.
Wait- I was a germophobe at 5- was that foreshadowing…

This post is my 10th.

That is an accomplishment for me. It is not a big deal in many regards, but personally, it is a record. I say that because I have been yearning to do this for years now. I have always loved to write. My favorite gift as a child was a notebook. It was empty- blank inside. What went in it was up to me. 

Indeed, even at a young age, I started to think about how god might think. 

Good, bad, immoral, exciting, wrong- all the ink that goes into the decisions that the characters make and how it pans out- is up to your discretion.

That is a lot of pressure on a twinkish child’s shoulders- I just wanted to write some careless (erotic?🤔) stories.

I can say that nothing I have ever done is careless.

Written or not.

That is not bagging.

That is not even just’ fact.’

The truth is- I cannot half-ass anything.

Again, I am not bragging.

Believe me, if I could have half-assed cleaned the back of house in a few restaurants that I worked in- you fucking bet I would have.

Instead, because I even thought those thoughts, the beast inside of me started to rage- and I had to show it up. 

Down to my knees, I dropped- 

to scrub the dirty ass pipe behind the soda machine that was growing mold.

Once I saw it, I could not unsee it.

When you see something wrong, and you’re waiting around for someone to do something, be the something!

Damnit mum! Why did you have to instill me with fucking morals?! Couldn’t I have just been like ‘everyone else’?

The following article has an ironic posting date and a relevant title, from Havard Business Review, posted on April 2nd, 2013.

“Don’t Wait for Change”

“This kind of person doesn’t focus on the excuses and tries to change something anyway, no matter how long the odds. Understanding someone like that can give us clues (and maybe some inspiration) about what it really takes to be self-empowered.”

Admittedly, that is not an answer- however, it is a challenge. A challenge with very hopeful outcomes.

That is all we are doing right now folks- 100%,

Living On A Prayer.

The moment you realize that the typical way you receive your parents at your house is considered “safe social distancing.”


Normal is out.

Freaks and Weirdos are in.

Let the Spring Of Rebirth bring rains of freedom in the human spirit; 

Seeds of consciousness sowed, the woken human collective reaped.

The Big Machines think that we are ripe and ready for harvest.

No Doubt Harvest Time Is Here Mother Fuckers-

Only, nature- won’t be fucked with,


it will fuck back with anyone that tries.

We have deep and healthy roots.

We are from and of the earth.

Our lifeblood is the water that circles Mother Earth.  

Anything that does not align won’t meet the balance.

This is not up for negotiation.

Time for conversation has passed.

We Agreed- Harvest Time Is Upon Us.

Hell yea.

Even now, my sexy ass partner is downstairs waiting for me while I am upstairs in the office on my birthday, trolling the internet on current events. Yet, even knowing that, I cannot post this without putting in time and effort.

I will end it here, though.

However, I want to encourage everyone to BE READY.

Dark days are coming. Italy is having devastating numbers of fatalities.

Spain and America are not far behind.

Consider though- in the haste- what happens to the indigenous and impoverished people groups of the globe?

Americans, Chinese, the French-

we are all hoarding N95 Masks for ourselves- the wealthy and most affluent of ourselves- while nurses, doctors, and volunteers are all put at high risk without proper PPE to cover them.

I will not reference those above points. I will more than get into it in the future. I am going to be posting blogs throughout this entire crisis and beyond. 

Renaissance Rising – RenRising – is a COLLECTIVE.

I am not alone in this.

You are not alone in this.

Yes, we are isolated.

No- we are not on our own.

LSD entered society as a means to manipulate the masses and control the human mind.

Instead- what it did was open consciousness to the coming awareness that is upon us.

That was heavy- 

and unsourced (for now).

We need to go back to the start of this Fools Blog and lighten the mood…

That is really hard these days.

Yet necessary. 

We need to laugh- comedians are going to be in high demand in the coming days.

I am not a comedian- but at the very least, I am funny to look at. My mum always told me that “looks aren’t everything”- I am praying to god she is wrong in this case. I am a goon, just look at me.

No homophobia, no violance, no racism, no sexism, yes kindness, yes peace, yes equality, yes love.
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