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Covid-19 360*: Getting A Full Understanding Of The Coronavirus Lesson Wrap Up | What’s The Take-Away? (Covid-19 Part 7 of 7)


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(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice or scientific fact; the following article is simply my personal findings on studying Covid-19 via the internet. The following article is not intended for anything more than a personal opinion piece.)

“The true Renaissance person is endowed with panoramic attention…. The habit of noticing the ensemble of everything and its constituent parts is a matter of will, not of innate aptitude. It involves the conscious noticing of things and the gaps that separate and connect them.”

Christy Wampole

As an ‘Amateur Historian,’ 

I am trying to keep in mind past historians and what made their work so memorable and vital; while keeping in mind all the aspects of ancient events that past historians missed.

It is easy as a prolific historian to get stuck up in only “facts,” I am sure- no one wants to pass on erroneous information. Especially not intentionally or in a day and age where everything is a straightforward fact check away.

I can also understand forgetting certain “mundane” facts of everyday life in attempts to cover the more broad and general.

History books are not all meant to be easy, fun reads, knowledge -facts- needs to be carried on by one trained as a master in the art.

I am still learning and developing in mastering the art of history keeping- therefore, I call myself an ‘Amateur Historian.’

As an amateur, I want to focus on all of us ordinary peoples and what we are concerned with. That information has its place in future history books too!

Professionally trained historians are here to pass on vital and key facts to the future in a well presented and articulate manner.

I will try to be no less well presented or articulate- but as you may have noticed, I make liberal use of ‘vulgarities.’ I also have a bias towards Mass-Holes, and I make it known. I admit to my shortcomings, but I do not stop offering up my opinions on any given matter.

You do not have to agree, but I had to say it. 

Contextualization is so important when trying to exegete ancient texts and understand the broader hermeneutics of said text to avoid becoming an eisegete historian. 

That is what I intend this site to be. 

Contextualization of the globe in its current state- from a semi-professional point-of-view will allow future historians greater depth from which to draw when studying history.

Don’t follow?

That’s okay, a dictionary search of the words above will give you the underlying meaning of the text. I will break it down much farther in future blog posts, though.

Follow Arrows. Aisles are one-way only.
photo credit: Jim Armstrong

Let us get right at it Students.


 -Current Global Condition
-COVID-19 360*: Getting A Full Understanding Of The Coronavirus Series Overview


The globe has 7,775,134,865 people living on it currently.

The United States Of America has a population of 330,533,152.

There are currently 1,010,390 Positive Cases of Covid-19 Confirmed World Wide.

212,047 Individuals globally have Recovered.

The current mortality count is 52,883.

At this moment, the fatality rate is up to 5.23%.

The CDC REPORTS THE United States has 213,144 positive cases of Covid-19.

THE CDC REPORTS 4,513 American’s have died at the time of posting.

However, I found discrepancies in those numbers. Or i is possible the CDC is not updating their site as frequently.

CoronaBoard REPORTS THE United States has 242,874 positive cases of Covid-19.

CoronaBoard REPORTS 5,864 American’s have died at the time of posting.

Taken 4/1/2020 – photo credit: Jim Armstrong


Law Matheson: Amateur Historian Reporting | Covid-19 360*: Getting A Full Understanding of the coronavirus (Part 1 of 7 in a Blog series On Covid-19)

-Introductions Are In Place

-Understanding Viruses, Bacteria, & Diseases

-Getting To Know Coronaviruses

 -R0 (Basic Reproductive Number) & “Flattening The Curve”

 -Herd Immunity Investigated

Part 2 – Understanding Epidemics, Pandemics, & SARS-CoV-2 | Heeding Former CDC Director, Dr. Frieden’s, Warning

-Epidemics & Pandemics: Differences & How They Spread
-Covid-19 Further Explained
-Warning From The Former Director Of The Centers Of Disease Control And Prevention

Part 3 – An Insider’s Look: It All Begins | Quarantine DAY 0 | March 16th, 2020 – Self-Quarantining & Social Distancing Are Suggested

-Rewind to March 16th | Ski resorts close, Tourists leave, Grocery necessities scarce
-Global Effects Of The Virus
-Covid-19 Surveys From The Globe

Part 4 – How At Risk Are Americans | Real-World Practices For Caring For Loved Ones (Or Yourself) With Covid-19

 -What Risk Are American’s To Covid-19? How Many Could End Up With The New Coronavirus?
 -Symptoms Of Covid-19  
 -CDC Recommended Procedures For Dealing With SARS-CoV-2
 -What We Know About The Risk Of Death & When To Head To The Hospital

Part 5 – What We Can Learn From Native Americans And Their First Encounter With Smallpox

-Contextualizing | Current Global Statistics
-A Short History Of Smallpox | Native American’s, Warriors At Heart | How They Outlasted Smallpox (And Every Obstacle Every Thrown Their Way)

Part 6 – Chloroquine & Bayer: Angels or Demons | History Repeats Itself?

-What Stocks Are Doing Well Currently?
-Chloroquine- What Do We Know?
-The Dark History Of Bayer

closed for 2020
photo credit: Law Matheson

I want to leave this post

short and sweet. This 7 part series was supposed to be all-encompassing. This blog post was going to be ‘The conclusion.’ In a proper conclusion, you do not offer up any new information- that is what the body of the essay is- the conclusion is a wrap-up of all the accumulate knowledge.

This post will not be the final part of the “COVID-19 360*: Getting A Full Understanding Of The Coronavirus.”

If my research has taught me anything- it is that there is a lot more here to unpack.

I do not have an outline of what is to come at this point, but you can expect it soon.

For now-

I want to end by giving a shoutout to all Essential Workers out there, putting their lives at risk for us. You are our lifeblood, and you fucking rock!

Essential Workers that are personally exposed for their jobs right now-

Deserve Time And A Half AND Hazard Pay!

I am serious;

we are slinging money around in ‘Slush funds’ for giant money-grubbing asshole company’s that are treated like humans but are destroying life as we know it.

Fuck them.

Praise (And fucking pay!) The Essentials!

Mic drop.

Law Matheson

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