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Dear Students, Goodbye- But, Before I Go-

Dear Students, Goodbye- But, Before I Go-

Dear Students, Goodbye- But, Before I go- Always remember, you have so much value and deserve respect. RenRising.com

Dear Students, Goodbye- But, Before I go-

Dear Students, Sponsors, Social Justice Advocacy Groups, and the internet as a whole,

In my very first blog post ever, I said my goodbyes to my Students. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. At the same time, it was the easiest one I was ever faced with as well.

I say the hardest- because teaching, impacting the student’s lives, showing up each and every day for my Students- that was purpose and fulfillment. I never thought I could feel how I felt being a teacher. I had it though, I appreciated it, my Students were grateful for me- then the worst happened. 

I had to resign.

Now is where the “easiest one I was ever faced with” comes in.

Upper-Management gave me an ultimatum (a noun meaning a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations)- I either signed a contract forcing me to agree to teach “curriculum” I had no faith in- or I resigned and walked away. 

I will never teach my Students information that in which I do not believe in.

As I explained, the hardest ‘easy’ decision I ever had to make.  

I am directing you all to this post today because of a great injustice happening to my former Students. The name of a trusted non-profit that has had a long-standing excellent history with relations within the Greater Portland area is currently poisoning the minds of the students participating in the program.  

That is a heady claim.

However, it does not appear so when you realize that I went up the ladder as I should- only to get sidelined and ignored, called divisive or disruptive, while constantly rebuked and reprimanded. From direct supervisor- to Director of the Program I was under- to HR- and even Upper-Management themselves. None wanted to hear what I had to say- valid or not.

I care about my former students well being- that is my main objective here- justice for my student’s education. 

With the coronavirus sweeping the globe, I understand the need to prioritize. Things that are typically important under normal circumstances take a back seat to the tragedy we are facing as a species. 

However, schooling has gone on as it has before, only online now.

Therefore the improper and misinforming curriculum taught by my former employees moves up a rung or two on prioritizes. 

With the available time allowed to all of us from mandatory quarantine, evaluating the old curriculum should not be that difficult to accomplish.

I will continue as I would have had COVID-19 not been the present issues that it is.

As you can tell from the opening of this post, I am addressing several groups.

Students – You, the former group of incredible individuals that I used to learn from as much as teach to.

Sponsors – You are the generous folks who give more than their share and allow this organization to exist where others failed. You deserve to know what goes on in the inside.

Social Justice Advocacy Groups – Injustices are always happening; we cannot choose the timing. However, we can choose our battles; this may not be the battlefield to enter currently, but at least with this online now and available to all- when the coronavirus pandemic has passed, we will have the ability to readdress this injustice then.

March 3rd, 2020, I resigned from my position as an Academic Teacher. Forced to pack up and leave, I trusted my former employers to do the right thing and tell my students (16-24-year-olds) there was a disagreement in the curriculum, and because of such, Law had to step away from his current position.

Instead, they lied to the students and told them that I “quit and walked away,” as if I gave up carrying.

Not possible.

Let me set the record straight.

I will attach everything that you need for evidence to back up my claims in a PDF you may download—starting with my Cover Letter.

[FORMER EMPLOYERS] informed me during my interview that the only reason I had an interview at all was because of my resume specifically that I had said that I was arrested for doing the right thing. Without that, they told me, I would have been overlooked. Later I earned I got the job because of my Cover Letter and how well I had done in the interview. [FORMER EMPLOYERS] even skipped me past the last interview, claiming that they loved what they saw, and they knew the students would too. 

I will also post photos for easy viewing below. I will include the “Curriculum” that I was forced to teach without questions. As you can tell from the (colorful) markups on the images below, I had more than a few questions.

I attempted to teach that class- it failed as was outlined- but I tried. The “curriculum” a lesson plan at best, was incomplete to boot and was written for 8th graders. I had to improvise that day.

I continued to do so from there on out because the Science Binder grew more and more emaciated as the pages went by. I even received permission to do so by my direct supervisor. Only to have My Supe’ tell Upper-Management another story behind my back.

The weekend before I resigned, I was attending a funeral in Massachusetts, I also created a daily lesson plan that was worthy of our adult students. Upper-Management didn’t even so much as glance at it- verdict made up before the meeting ever began. I included the lesson plan that I made for the Health Blocks that I had to beg to be allowed to have. You can view that below as well.

The last aspect included is a redacted document that I sent to Upper-Management, Human Resources, and The Board of Directors. It is redacted (with names changed) to protect privacy. I am not here to slander (n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another, which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit) anyone or my former employers a whole. Nothing I said above or herein is untrue in any of my reporting.

 I want the best for my former Students. Before I left till now, I have had grave concerns for my student’s well-being in what they are taught, how they are taught, and the money allocated to them for resources. Every one of those areas has issues that need to be addressed, but the employee turnover rate there is alarming. No forward progress can be made with the cogs all clogged, such as they are.


The following items that I am going to include are what I was asked (then forced to sign a contract to enforce I follow them blindly) to teach to you. When I refused to do as they demanded, I had to resign.

Don’t ever think that you do not deserve better. You do! You came to [Former Employers] to be leaders and to learn to help the community- just like the website promised.

I am trying to ensure that promise to you is kept.

02/23/2017 – Arrested under ‘Obstruction Of Government Function’ on Native Sovereign Treaty Land for protecting Water and Native American Rights. MNI WICONI!

Cover Letter for [FORMER EMPLOYERS]

October 10th, 2019


When I was a child I dreamed of growing up to help people. Then I graduated and real-life started; food and beverage seemed to be where I was destined, with odd jobs here and there. My dream is still to help people, and finding your job posting online awoke something in me that had nearly fizzled out.

Before submitting an application you asked us to familiarize ourselves with your website and your overall mission. As an alternative teaching academy, it is my understanding that you are looking for alternative teachers. I attended public school until high school at which time my parents home-schooled me. For college I attended a private Christian college in upstate New York and I completed my Bachelor of Religion degree online while working 2 jobs in Central Maine. I say that to say that I know alternative teaching. Public, Home-school, private, online, travel- it doesn’t matter, I have experienced and learned from them all, good and bad. 

I may not believe the same things that I did when I was younger, but I am just as committed to bettering the world by helping others through situations that I myself have been in or experienced.

As you must know, writing a cover letter- or I imagine judging someone by a cover letter- is intimidating and hard to do. After reading over your website it is my belief that you are looking for teachers that are willing to think outside of the box. To think outside the box, you must be willing to look outside the box or have experience out there. That’s me alright.

To be completely frank, I believe that my whole life has been leading me towards becoming a teacher. My father’s father was a teacher, as well as my father himself. I have ‘fought’ it for a long time, but reading around your website has lead me to believe that it is time for me to change career paths and to help others as I have always aspired to do.

My resume is a little bit of everything. Server, counselor, barista, white water rafting guide, event staff, lifeguard, internet blog writer. There is a time block in 2016-2017 when I didn’t work- at least not for a resume. During that time I was a political activist in North Dakota protesting the pipelines being built on sacred native land. After I got arrested on Treaty Native Land for “obstruction of government function” (the charge didn’t stick of course) I needed a few months to recoup and recover. I did such by moving back in with my parents in Central Maine where I grew up. 

While my resume doesn’t have any jobs where I was in a teaching position, I believe I was learning all that I needed to so that I had better information to hand off to those I would mentor in the future.

I am in Portland fairly regularly, I would love to meet over coffee to chat and see if we would be a good fit for one another.


Law Matheson

(Above) My Supervisors homemade “Curriculum” I was expected to teach. (Below) The Source of the ‘curriculum.’
My Supervisor's Go-To Resource- The Complete Middle School Study Guide: Everything You Need To Ace Science In One Big Fat Notebook.

THe Lesson Plan I created FOr 1 Week Of VItal Health Classes.

The (Redacted) PDF I emailed to upper-management and the board of directors.
Something needs to change.
I hope this helps to facilitate change for the current students and future students- not just in the organization I used to be employed, but with education and schooling all over the nation.

Law Matheson

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com


  1. It is a sad day when a teacher is chastised for creating lesson plans from a “curriculum” which was essentially an incomplete and inaccurate lesson plan. You were not given any direction to go with and the information they provided you was not only grammatically incorrect but also had missing and inaccurate information. The lesson plan you created from their emaciated documents was stellar and any professional educator would agree. For the sake of the current and any future students I hope they correct this. Furthermore, I hope posting this information gets their attention and finally makes them act and correct the injustice they are causing.

    • I agree! I am hoping that this will wake them up and open their eyes. They have clearly been going in a bad way for a while. Someone needed to stop their downward descent.

  2. Thanks for laying this all out! I had a very similar experience with a similar organization. Turnover was insane there and I lasted only about 4 months, and really felt a lot of what you wrote here. Find a place to teach where you are supported, you’re obviously a great and caring teacher. You’re the kind of teacher that more and more schools are desperately looking for, so I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunity out there.

    • Wow! I will admit that this is not what I want to hear- at least I am not alone. That just makes it clear that I really did do the right thing. Someone needs to hold these organizations accountable! Thanks for the comment!

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