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Always Remember, You Have So Much Value & Deserve Respect | Dear Students- Concluded

Always Remember, You Have So Much Value & Deserve Respect | Dear Students- Concluded

"When You Get, Give. When You Learn, Teach." Maya Angelou

(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice or scientific fact; the following article is simply my personal findings on studying Covid-19 via the internet. The following article is not intended for anything more than a personal opinion piece.)

March 3rd, 2020,

I had no choice but to resign as Academic Teacher. That was a Tuesday- the weekend before I was attending a funeral in Massachusetts, burying a family member- knowing in my gut I was not going to be your teacher for much longer. So I prepared.

Dear Students, Goodbye-
But, Before I Go-
Always Remember You Have So Much Value & Deserve Respect.

MTKO Says it all in their song “Just Imagine”

I tried to play off the unease in my stomach as

the funeral, getting my cackles all awry. Yet, as my partner and I were driving home- I knew it was more than that. 

I joke about the Boy Scouts Of America quote, “Always Be Prepared,” being a guiding quote in my life- but it isn’t a joke. Being prepared has almost always benefited me, with very few times, I could complain about being overprepared. 

Needless to say- on the drive home from Massachusetts after a weekend full of funeral arrangements and memorial service- I prepared.

That is when I came up with a three-part farewell as your academic teacher, Students.

In a moment, I will break down what I mean by the 3-Part goodbye, and what my hope was with it all. 

But I want to take a moment to say

that while I am wrapping up being your academic teacher in the flesh, Students, I started this website to help you in any way I could. While the initial vision is blasting off- the expanded vision of what Renaissance Rising could be is only now forming- and it’s beautiful. No seriously, like cute-little-spring-flower-that-you-almost-stepped-on-before-you-noticed-it kinda beautiful.

Renaissance Rising turns only ONE month old this Friday, but already INCREDIBLE things are happening!

While my time as an academic teacher with my Former Employer has come to an end- this is just the beginning of the exciting next chapter!

This coming week as Friday nears, the website will be undergoing some maintenance and a theme change. The way the site looks now won’t last that much longer! While I cannot say what exactly the future holds for this site? One thing is for sure, nothing is holding it back. This Renaissance Is Rising – Join with the Collective today!

Renaissance Rising - renrising.com Its Begun- 2020

As my partner and I left Massachusetts

and headed north- longtime teachers, friends, and family members all tried to console me. I was mourning the lost life of a loved one, but deep down, I also knew that I was mourning the loss of a career I was passionate about, with Students that profoundly impacted my life for the best.

I taught you, Students, that you HAVE power in your life. No one gets to dictate to you how you should live just because they said too, and it came from authority with confidence.

Question, Observe, Prepare.

Any advisory can be taken down with those methods used correctly.

Students, this is my last “official” class for you- I told you that if those in power over you were not caring for, protecting, or serving, We The People have the moral obligation to stand up and say something- despite the personal cost.

No more Theory of Seeking Justice- class passed. 

Seeking Justice 101 class is now in session- a real-life example. 

The following is how I have had to approach seeking justice for you, Students. I had no one advising me on what to do; I simply followed my heart with what I felt the signs were indicating to me. Call me New Agey if you want- the truth is it is far older than you are imagining (even right now while you are trying to think back to the oldest thing you think possible- older). 

Dear Students, Goodbye-

I first had to make sure that regardless of whatever else might happen, I would have a letter to be able to give to you, Students. I wrote this up, hoping that I wasn’t going to need it. Unfortunately- that has not been the case. I was not allowed to leave the letters for you- so the very first post in this blog was dedicated to you. Even before I introduced myself to my new internet family, I first said farewell to you, Students. If some of you are only reading this now for the first time- know that I tried to say a proper goodbye all along.

But, Before I Go-

I knew that I would have a 3 part goodbye as your academic teacher, but beyond the 1st part of the farewell, I didn’t have any more written up at that time- formally at least. However, I kept a record of everything that happened my first (and only) 4 months with my Former Employers. I planned to write a joyful guidebook on my journey through my first year. However, that turned into a Greek Tragedy instead- all I had to do was compose my thoughts- and the miseducation became blatantly obvious.

I no longer worked for my Former Employers, but knowing that they were poorly educating you, Students, and knowingly doing so. I have no choice but to speak up now. Part-2 was much longer than Part-1, but that was necessary. Part-2 was sent out to Upper-Management, The Board Of Directors, as well as Sponsors and Social Justice Groups. Injustices do not ever stop- even during coronavirus pandemics, unfortunately. Now may not be the right moment to do anything legal- 

but we all have an obligation to speak up and say something when we see injustice and other crimes.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.” (Author Disputed)

“The World Will Not Be Destroyed By Those Who Do Evil, But By Those Who Watch Them Without Doing Anything.” Albert Einstein.

Since I have spoken up and posted this series of blogs, more and more former academic teachers have come forward and confessed that the same thing that happened to me- happened to them. New academic teachers across America are chronically under-supported and overworked.


Always Remember You Have So Much Value & Deserve Respect.

Part-3 was sent out to incoming staff members. My Former Employers tricked me into believing their hollow promises they never planned on keeping- while sounding Utopic.

If my Former Employers were categorized into a movie or book genre- it would get classified as dystopian (ADJECTIVE Relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice; dystopia – ‘a dystopic future ruled by sinister megacorporations’).

Part-3 is a wrap up from me to you Students; I will not be teaching you in your day to day life as I had been in the past- however, I will still look out for you. 

I feel in love with teaching, part of that was you, Students, you made the time incredible! 

Part-3 was also looking out for you with any new incoming Staff after me- where I wasn’t warned or prepared- I will do my best to do that for future staff members.

Small Acts Of Kindness are what will keep the light alive in the coming darkness. Keep the light inside you burning bright- someone is looking to you for inspiration." Law Matheson - Renaissance Rising
Law Matheson

In the spirit of transparency, here is what I wrote up to send out.

Always Remember You Have So Much Value & Deserve Respect.


That is the most significant piece of knowledge that I could pass onto the students- especially given how short my time with them was. While I was with [MY FORMER EMPLOYERS], it was fraught with confusion and staff members falling by the wayside. There was only a general and vague sense of direction in what was expected of me or how reasonable the expectations were.

I was told to pursue student relationships- I couldn’t possibly learn all that I had to learn in a few months- at least that was the narrative at that time. Students had had issues with my “teaching style,” but that was because of the (confused) baseline I was expected to have- and not knowing how to manage a classroom, I did the best I could.

(What graduate teacher excels at classroom management their first year after college? I haven’t gone to school yet to be formally educated, but then how much worse would it be with no preparation at all?) 

I will admit, my style was a little strict and demanded respect- but I also listened. The respect I demanded the students realized that they would get back just the same as they would give it, so they started listening to me more, and me to them.

I spent time with the students in between classes and during lunch. I would wheel my chair out to the middle of the gathering room and sit there with food or some paper to work on. It seems that my coworkers expected me to hang out with them during this time- but I was in The Gathering Room so that anyone might approach me without difficulty. The other staff members, while engaged with one or two students sometimes, often spent time with one another. However, I would sit down in the Gathering Room, and there would frequently be 4-6 students circled up with me, engaged in fun conversation that was often goofy- even if it was on a serious subject. 

The students would trust me to open up about whatever was going on in their lives- and also if the activity wasn’t something I supported (i.e., underage drinking), then I tried to throw in good decision-making skills- even if in a goofy way. I had not trained in how to deal with those kinds of situations, but I was learning every day. I didn’t want to ruin any open communication possibilities for the future, so I tried to be a good listener, with advice that didn’t seem authoritarian but was filled with concern. I was afraid if I came down too hard, they wouldn’t open up to me again- and they would drink anyway. 

Students quickly stopped complaining about my teaching techniques.

In fact, they would stop talking or stop their classmates from speaking so that they could hear what I had to say in class (and outside of classes)- because I would do the same thing when one of them was talking. Respect was mutual- it wasn’t earned. Both student and teacher demanded the respect that was owed to them. 

It was clunky at first, but soon I was able to bring back dismissed academic ideas and concepts to them in a new light on receptive ears.

I want to email you today, [FUTURE STAFF MEMBER], to warn you about what you are getting involved in. [FORMER EMPLOYERS] is incredible; however, there are some bad habits and structures in place. I started working with [FORMER EMPLOYERS] just last November, but I was the fourth employee to leave in 4 months. I didn’t want to go, and I don’t believe the others did either, but I was personally demanded to sign a contract that bound me to teach the inferior disinformation curriculum being used by [FORMER EMPLOYERS]- without question or deviation.

I tried speaking up, asking questions, being respectful and polite. That just got me more and more despised. It was palpable, even to the students.

I am speaking up now because I am genuinely concerned about the students well being. They are outright neglected in many ways, and they are not being prepared should the worst happen. (THIS WAS just before PRE-COVID, which honestly only proves my point observing them now). Shootings, suicides, and violence are all genuine possible realities with the students. Neither My Supervisor or Case Manager within [FORMER EMPLOYERS] are correctly preparing the students to deal with day to day stress- let alone how to cope with lifelong stress, grief, and death.

If I don’t speak up, I don’t know who will.

To be completely transparent, I could continue going. I documented my whole time with [FORMER EMPLOYERS] because I wanted to compile a book on all that I learned, grew, and did my first year teaching. 

I could keep going, but I believe you have more than enough to start digging into my claims.

These blog posts are not an attempt to slander or smear anyone’s name- I am merely communicating my time and experience with [FORMER EMPLOYERS] and asking you to investigate and evaluate what I am claiming thoroughly. You will soon discover it is more than just “claims”.

Everything I am doing and speaking up about is for the students and their well being. [FORMER EMPLOYERS] can be a reliable partner for the community, let’s see it back to that again.


Former Academics Teacher,

Law Matheson

"They say that classics do not die. There is nothing more clasic than neighbors watching neighbors back. IT is tribal. Droughts, famine, escaped animals, or burning farms. neighbors have always been there for one another. Now is no different. Small acts of kindness are what will keep the light alive in the coming darkness." Law Matheson
What small acts of kindness can you do today?

Students, I cannot promise 

anything will be resolved while you are still in school- however, you can rest assured if your younger siblings, cousins, or nieces and nephews go to attend in the future, it will be different. Better.

The world is in a bad state. It has been getting sicker and sicker- we are at a pivotal point in history, to be frank.

We do not know what comes after this. We do not have enough to go on in history to fully grapple with the magnitude of what is already happening- and what is surely not ending anytime soon.

I do not want to leave on a sour note, but unfortunately, I cannot sugar coat this shit anymore. We are junk deep- and sinking rapidly.

We can either stand around and do nothing as the shitstorm consumes us-

Or we can batter down the hatches and help those that cannot help themselves while we still have the opportunity.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” Maya Angelou.

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Law Matheson

You have sacrificed a lot to be here. I'm here to tell you how grateful I am and remind you that you are rainbows in clouds." Maya Angelou - TeachersMatter
Maya Angelou


  1. Your teaching experience sounds very negative and I must say I identify with some of it here in the UK. It is such a shame when good teachers who care about the students have to step out of the system, but it is the system that needs to change. Thanks for sharing this.

    • You are absolutely right, the system does have to change. My hope is that by me speaking up something will come about because of it. I have heard stories now from all over the world of similar things happening all over. Why does it feel intentional?

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