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Renaissance Rising | It All Begins | 2020 Tri-Annual Review #1

Renaissance Rising | It All Begins | 2020 Tri-Annual Review #1

Journalism Without Fear Or Favour | World Press Freedom Day 2020 #JournalismUnfiltered
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(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional; This is not medical advice or scientific fact; the following article is simply my personal findings on studying Covid-19 via the internet. The following article is not intended for anything more than a personal opinion piece.)

2020 – The Modern-Day War For Free Press.

Freedom Of Speech.

We all want it- how many are willing to fight for it, though?

Fighting doesn’t have to mean a physical head to head battle. It can be the slow resistance to giving in; refusing to believe what others tell you simply because you do not believe what they are proposing, no matter how convincingly sold; reminding yourself that you were placed here on earth, with specific passions, for a reason. No one else can tell you what that is- you must discover it for yourself.

All of those acts can be considered “fighting” as much as a warrior can be credited with.

Amateur Journalism is my way of fighting.

All my life, I have loved to write. I have loved to research history. I have loved to connect with people.

Synthesizing (Verb – the combination of components or elements to form a connected whole) all of those passions, Starting Renaissance Rising was an inevitability, really.

I have been punished for questioning too hard since I was a child; I was friends with more international students than I was with fellow American’s in college; I have always saught truth- no matter the cost.

Again, I say- starting Renaissance Rising was an inevitability.

Renaissance Rising is a Creative Collective of Amateur Bloggers from around the globe- coming together to report on the less heard about news from across the earth. We may be amateurs- but we are journalists all the same.

Most doctors today, dreamed of being doctors long before they graduated with their PH.D.-
Teachers do not get into the education gig because of the money-
Cars do not run on the roads because mechanics are not capable of doing anything else-
All these professionals are in the careers they are in because that is what they know that they were born to do.
Before they were professionals- they were students- they were amateurs.

Here at Renaissance Rising, that is what and who we are.

Passionate Students – Amateurs Now, Professionals In Training – Educating Others Along The Way.  

United Nations | Press Freedom Day 

“World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, 3 May, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day.

May 3 acts as a reminder to governments of the need to respect their commitment to press freedom. It is also a day of reflection among media professionals about issues of press freedom and professional ethics. It is an opportunity to:

  • celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom;
  • assess the state of press freedom throughout the world;
  • defend the media from attacks on their independence;
  • and pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty.”

Photo by Mustafa Husnii on Pexels.com

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack

At the top of the list is Chen Qiushi, a journalist who had been reporting on the coronavirus crisis in Wuhan when he went missing.


3.02.2020 WIRED Staff

  1. Chen Qiushi (China)

Journalist missing as Chinese authorities stifle reporting on coronavirus outbreak.

“Freelance video journalist Chen Qiushi has not been seen since February 6, when he told family he planned to report on a temporary hospital. On January 24, he traveled to the city of Wuhan in Hubei province from Beijing and began filming and reporting on the coronavirus health crisis, according to his posts on YouTube, noting local hospitals were short of resources and struggling to handle the number of patients who needed treatment. Later, China expelled three accredited Wall Street Journal journalists over an opinion headline relating to the crisis.

  1. Daler Sharifov (Tajikistan)

Tajikistan silences independent media ahead of March 1 elections.

Daler Sharifov is ordered two months of pretrial detention since Tajik police raided the independent reporter’s home on January 28, confiscating a computer and books, and days later issuing a statement announcing charges of inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred. The statement refers to “more than 200 articles and commentaries containing extremist content” he published between 2013 and 2019. CPJ calls this “a clear attempt to silence ahead of elections one of the few media critics that remain.” A guilty verdict could mean up to five years in prison.

  1. Patrícia Campos Mello (Brazil)

Politicians join in online sexual harassment to undermine journalist’s integrity.

A reporter for Brazil’s largest daily newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo, Patrícia Campos Mello experiences ongoing harassment online in retaliation for her reporting. During a congressional hearing in Brasília last month, an individual falsely accused Campos Mello of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for a “scoop.” Hundreds of Facebook and Twitter users, including the son of President Jair Bolsonaro, shared the allegations, many using sexual language. The allegations were later referenced by the president himself, whose 2018 presidential campaign backers distributed misinformation through WhatsApp to millions of Brazilians, Campos Mello reported.

  1. Roohollah Zam (Iran)

Trial underway for anti-government journalist held in undisclosed location.

Intelligence agents of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guards Corps arrested Iranian journalist Roohollah Zam in October. Founder of anti-government Amad News, Zam had been living in France and, following his arrest in Baghdad, was extradited to Iran. He is accused of working with French, Israeli and U.S. intelligence agencies, amounting to 17 charges, including espionage and spreading false news, although the government has made his platforms almost completely inaccessible for more than two years. In February, at least three trial sessions were held in his case.

  1. Agnès Ndirubusa and the team at Iwacu (Burundi)

Court delivers prison sentence and fines for Burundi’s only imprisoned journalists.

Following their October arrest, a Burundi court convicted four journalists on January 30 of attempting to undermine state security, fined them each $530, and sentenced them to two years and six months in prison. The four, who had been covering clashes in the country’s Bubanza Province and submitted their appeal on February 21, include Agnès Ndirubusa, head of the political desk at Iwacu, one of Burundi’s last independent outlets, and three colleagues: broadcast reporter Christine Kamikazi, English-language reporter Egide Harerimana and photojournalist Térence Mpozenzi.

  1. Azimjon Askarov (Kyrgyzstan)

Kyrgyz court hears final appeal of journalist’s life sentence.

After nearly ten years in prison and his life sentence twice upheld, award-winning journalist Azimjon Askarov, 68, pursued a final appeal at the Supreme Court. The February 26 hearing was quickly adjourned until April 7. The ethnic Uzbek’s reporting on corruption, abuse and human rights elicited trumped-up charges that included incitement to ethnic hatred and complicity in the murder of a police officer. Kyrgyzstan’s one imprisoned journalist experiences deteriorating health amid harsh conditions and limited access to medication.

  1. Jamal Khashoggi (Saudi Arabia)

U.S. executive branch idles while calls persist for Khashoggi’s justice.

February 14 marked 500 days since Jamal Khashoggi’s murder inside Istanbul’s Saudi consulate. The Washington Post’s columnist’s fiancé, Hadice, observed the date with an op-ed calling for justice. The Trump administration has so far ignored a law passed by Congress, and signed by the president, that mandated the release of an intelligence report about Khashoggi’s murder by January 19. That’s in addition to ignoring a deadline to reply to Congress regarding the killing, as required under the U.S. Global Magnitsky Act.

  1. Pham Doan Trang (Vietnam)

Journalist in hiding to evade arrest continues reporting.

Phan Doan Trang has been in hiding since August 2018, after Ho Chi Minh City police brutally beat her and confiscated her national ID card, on top of silencing measures including interrogation, monitoring and shutting off her internet and electricity. A colleague reports that Trang, cofounder of The Vietnamese and Luat Khoa news publications, has not fully recuperated from the assault and her health has deteriorated. While moving between safe houses, she has continued critical reporting on the environment, freedom of religion and online civil society.

  1. Mahmoud Hussein (Egypt)

Journalist held in extended pretrial detention for unspecified charges.

Mahmoud Hussein, a journalist working with Al Jazeera, has spent more than 1,000 days in pretrial detention in Cairo. Last May, an Egyptian court ordered his release, but authorities opened a new investigation with unspecified charges and returned him to prison. Hussein’s initial arrest dates to December 2016, and his detention has been repeatedly renewed every 45 days, with anti-state and false news charges stemming from a 2016 documentary about conscription in Egypt which the government claims uses fake footage and aims to incite chaos.

  1. Aasif Sultan (India)

Communications blackout further delays imprisoned journalist’s trial.

Kashmir Narrator reporter Aasif Sultan has spent more than a year and half behind bars, since his 2018 arrest and charges months later of “complicity” in “harboring known terrorists.” He has been repeatedly interrogated and asked to reveal his sources for a cover story on a slain Kashmiri militant, whose killing by Indian security forces set off a wave of anti-government demonstrations in Kashmir in July 2016. A number of hearings have been postponed—and other journalists harassed and detained the past year.”

Big Brother is always watching- It's time that creepy voyeur was watched back. Renaissance Rising.

As the Coronavirus continues,

International Press Freedom Day (Also Known As World Press Freedom Day) draws closer, and journalists are still being persecuted for doing their jobs. The more journalists are persecuted, the less likely others are to pick up in their place. That is exactly the wrong course of action a Free People should take. Giving in to the Oppressor when Oppressed just allows them to Opress more in the future, unabated.

“Journalism Is What We Need To Make Democracy Work.”

Walter Cronkite

People often ask me how I can know something is true just because I read it on the internet.

My response?

I cannot.

However, I follow up questioning the questioner on how the polymaths of the past could believe what they did- just because they read it in a book or a scroll in a library or collection?

They could not.

Anyone that has ever come to conclusions of any kind has to vet (verb- make a careful and critical examination of (something) the information that they chose to hold dear.

Whether you read something online or in a book; whether your parents said it or I said it; whether you want to believe it or not- evaluate and question everything that you encounter. That is- if you’re going to be an independent thinker and not just one of the sheep.

fake news[ feyk nooz, nyooz ]SHOW IPA

noun (usually used with a singular verb)

false news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared or distributed for the purpose of generating revenue, or promoting or discrediting a public figure, political movement, company, etc.:

It’s impossible to avoid clickbait and fake news on social media.


If you ask me- which I realize you are not, necessarily, but you are still reading my post- Feyk Nooz (Fake News) has only become a thing in the last few years- and it is only a thing to keep the masses from trusting the media at all. Think about it, how long have national and international tabloids existed, just the same for conspiracy rags- yet no one heard the term “fake news” back then.

It is only now that information is prevalent across print and the web that “those in power” are afraid of what their constituents, Us- We The People- are exposed to. They cannot stop the amount of knowledge and information coming to us at an instant; instead, the only way to control the mass amounts of media out there is to get the masses to mistrust media altogether. Suddenly in the last 4 years- directly corresponding with the rise and election of Donald Trump in the United States Of America- you cannot go 4 *Clicks* without encountering “Fake News” clickbait of some sort.

As bad as it may currently seem, it is no worse than going to the checkout line in your local grocers and being inundated by tabloids and “real-life clickbait” for the last several decades. You do not believe everything you read- just because the headline said that Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are dating- doesn’t make it true. 

Just to fuck with you- this time that headline is true- but you can fact check me just to confirm.

I did that just to prove a point, though- you should be verifying your facts whether or not they come from a “credible” source or not. Everyone and every news source is biased in some form or fashion. Whether they admit it or not is something else. 

Renaissance Rising is no different- yet we will admit that much. We are amateur journalists trying to give you hot topic news that may or may not be trending at the time of posting. We are not here to get Clicks, we are here to deliver high-quality content worth reading now and researching in the future. By supplying points of views from different backgrounds, religious upbringings, and geographical locations- you, as the Reader, are able to get a deeper and more thorough understanding of headlines across the globe that you may or may not be reading about anywhere else. 

Renaissance Rising and it’s Blogger/Journalists do not claim to be 100% accurate all the time- but we do believe in admitting when we were wrong in our reporting.

Renaissance Rising and it’s Writers all agree to The 5 Principles of Ethical Journalism (Ethical Journalism Network)

Five Core Principles of Journalism

  1. Truth and Accuracy

Journalists cannot always guarantee ‘truth’, but getting the facts right is the cardinal principle of journalism. We should always strive for accuracy, give all the relevant facts we have and ensure that they have been checked. When we cannot corroborate information we should say so.

2. Independence

Journalists must be independent voices; we should not act, formally or informally, on behalf of special interests whether political, corporate or cultural. We should declare to our editors – or the audience – any of our political affiliations, financial arrangements or other personal information that might constitute a conflict of interest.

3. Fairness and Impartiality

Most stories have at least two sides. While there is no obligation to present every side in every piece, stories should be balanced and add context. Objectivity is not always possible, and may not always be desirable (in the face for example of brutality or inhumanity), but impartial reporting builds trust and confidence.

4. Humanity

Journalists should do no harm. What we publish or broadcast may be hurtful, but we should be aware of the impact of our words and images on the lives of others.

5. Accountability

A sure sign of professionalism and responsible journalism is the ability to hold ourselves accountable. When we commit errors we must correct them and our expressions of regret must be sincere not cynical. We listen to the concerns of our audience. We may not change what readers write or say but we will always provide remedies when we are unfair.

BIG Corporations Own The World - They Will Stop At Nothing To Protect Their Ever Growing Assets. They Are Advancing On Us Daily - Speak Up While You Still Can. | Renaissance Rising

May is full of relevant Days Of The Calendar- especially this year.

-International Press Freedom Day (World Press Freedom Day)
-Ramadan (and along those lines Islamophobia in the Media)
-Mother’s Day (being a mother new or old in today’s world is difficult)
-Nurses Day (never has there been a time to celebrate our healthcare workers- globally- as much there is this year).

That is a lot to cover, and there is no way that I can ever cover that much on my own- nor would I even want to. Renaissance Rising as a Creative Collective is my vision- but it by no means ends with me. It is a creative collective after all- the name says it all!

Students, you will be hearing from Guest Bloggers and New Resident Bloggers from around the planet on various topics this coming month. RenRi is only getting into its 2nd month of existence, but already huge things are happening. I will not be posting this month as much as the last, but that allows me to step back and go back into research mode and figure out how to help this Collective run more efficiently.

I look forward to welcoming Guest and New Resident Bloggers from around the globe to join the Renaissance Rising Team. I hope you will join us by Subscribing to the website so you can stay informed when new posts are live; Like the post and leave a comment to show some love.

I look forward to discovering what the future holds together.

They Say

“History is written by the winner.”

Let’s not let corporations & inhumane companies write the future.

We The People – WE Are The POWER.


Lawrence Matheson

Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. George Orwell | Renaissance Rising

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