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To The Mother That Reared Me | Celebrating You Today | Happy Mother’s Day

To The Mother That Reared Me | Celebrating You Today | Happy Mother’s Day

To The Woman The Reared Me | The Chef Of The 1st & 2nd Batch | Mum | Thank You <3

Mother’s Day-

That phrase brings many emotions to each of us-

Pride, Gratitude, Anger, Annoyance, Reverance, Abhorance, Compassion, Joy—

My mother and I did not always get along-

But then again-

The closest people in my life have shaken my foundations from the moment we meet.

While first impressions matter- the impact matters more.

Is it hurtful at the moment, but done in love?

Or Is it momentarily loving but damning overall?

How much more so would that mean with mother and child?

My mother was a questioning woman in submissive times-

I am a questioning man in a gender-flipping era.

My mother is the fourth child-

So am I.

My mother is the youngest-

In many ways, I was the “oldest” growing up.

My mother was ignored and hurt- as so many females were in that time-

In a time when males are not “allowed” to speak out- I know what sexual misconduct is.

My mother would not say this-
But I would say this-

The time of submission, sitting on hands, twiddling thumbs, and waiting for a hero- is over.

I am just a young gay white male American.

I do not need to say this to allow others to take the stage-

Others can and should take the stage without me speaking up.

Then again, I don’t care who the fuck I am, or who the fuck you are.
I am who I am, and you are who you are.
This Mother’s Day- let’s make our mothers proud- and be proud of who we are- our mothers made us.

Fuck Yea, Mothers.

I realize that I am potentially limiting my audience by adding in “cuss” words, but so be it.

Mother’s have been trodden on, overlooked, subjected, and outright hated on- No. Longer.

I am just a gay white male American- but it has to start somewhere.

For my incredible mother- it starts here.

While my mother and I have not always seen eye to eye-

She always made sure I was fed, long into my living away from home.

While my mother and I have not always agreed ideologically-

She knew that when I stuck with something and grew because of it- she would be willing to hear about it.

While my mother and I have not always agreed on religion-

She is only looking out for my well being, now, but eternally, as she knows I questions because eternity could be on the stake.

I wanted to write my mother a flowery poem of which she is deserving-
However, this is not your typical Mother’s Day Post.
This is not your typical Mother’s Day.

Typically mothers and their offspring are frolicking in greenhouses and herb fields across the world.

This year we are told to socially distance from the very matrons that reared us.

I am not alone in feeling that this is not natural.

This year, against nature, let’s think of the women, the powerful women, that raised us.

If flowers make them happy- plant some seeds that you bought from the dollar store and leave them on their doorstep.

If chocolate is the thing that speaks to her soul- go a day or two without spending money on yourself, in any way, and buy her something for a moment- that will be a memory that lasts forever.

If spending time is the true path to her heart– go above and beyond to try and call and video call her, everyone loves to feel wanted.

No matter what you do this Mother’s Day- show our mothers that they are wanted, because they are, now, more than ever.

I mean honest to god, who the hell else is going to get us out of the shit that we are in, then a well-seasoned mother? Men, step to the back of the line- I don’t even want to hear it.

The countries faring the best against COVID-19 are women lead- let the evidence speak for itself, stop speaking for the evidence.

Mum- you are more than part of me; I am part of you.

We spent time together before most people considered me- a ‘me.’

While I was starting my life- you already had time to plot it out.

I may not be the man that you first envisioned- but mother, you have not, and will never be forgotten.

I am a part of you, and when I pass my legacy on to my children- that legacy will be yours.

I know you do not always feel like the powerhouse you are-

But if I had to judge you as a comic book character, you not only would be a superhero– I imagine you as Jean Gray. (Am I allowed to say that? I am not trying to steal anyone’s intellectual property, but damn, is she a hero.) You have the power to house that cosmic Force within you mum!

Mother’s get overlooked- moment by moment- not even day by day.
That is wrong.
Our mothers will not always be with us-
What would you do differently if you knew that you and your mother only had six months together?
Do not wait to find out, go out of your way to spend time with the mothers in your life today.

Oh- so you and your mother do not get along?

Why is that?

I am not a doctor; I do not have a medical degree- however, I question you-

Would you be responding the same to me right now- if your mother was not here at this moment?

I ask a lot of questions- it gets me in trouble- oh well.

Mothers of the world- you are instrumental in the cycle of life.

In many ways, you are the circle of life.

The honor is mine if I can help facilitate the cycle to run smoother in any way I can.

Mum, you raised me to look out for the underdogs, this year- this Mother’s Day, I raise you up. 

I have learned so much from you- and I want you to know that I appreciate all the hard times- your impact has had some of the most profound meaning. I will sit at your feet forever.

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  1. Caught this gem of a post on lifesfinewhine! This is fantastic!! I appreciate the honesty, the cussing, the humor, and the overall truth! Thanks for sharing!! I’ll follow you for sure! 🙂

    • I appreciate this comment so much! I know it may not seem so having gone this long unresponded to, but I promise that was not intentional! I am so happy to hear that Pooja has helped me make more connections. She is incredible! Thanks for Following me!

    • Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it! It is easy to do “flowery” and fake, but that isn’t my relationship with my mother, it wouldn’t have been right.
      Actually I am about to post one for Father’s Day now (the video is online already https://youtu.be/f_ttP9UvzJc)- let me know what you think!

      • I totally agree with what you are saying- I do not get it either. I am a very real individual. Some say too honest (blunt)- just how I am. Thanks for bringing the video to my attention!

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