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Who We Are?

A collective of individual bloggers that come together to discuss and discover while delving deep to take readers on the journey to discovery with us. Knowledge is all around us, the last renaissance saw to that. Now it’s time for a New Renaissance- an intentional one- one that is focused on interconnectedness of humanity, animals, plants, and the planet. It’s time to rediscover what the Ancients used to know- stars matter. How do they affect us exactly? That’s still unknown, but one of the questions we seek to answer as we write and produce these blogs.

Our hope is that we as bloggers- amateurs that are passionate and dedicated- look at life through modern eyes and reveal the world around us, from our perspective. We are not content experts and we won’t claim to be. But one day we will be- that’s what this is. A blogger’s journey into a new academic study, taking readers along for the ride. Everything that is researched and written will be in the hopes that others 

Core Beliefs

Integrity, selfless progress, determination learn, grow, and teach

We believe in the power of the human consciousness, the goodness of humanity, and the strength of unity from all people coming together.

RenRising has a HOST of varied world points of view, religious backgrounds, and all aspects of the political spectrum. That is worth celebrating! 

Progression as a species only happens when you think outside the box and you dare to question.